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Designer / Consultant / Teacher

While I have designed every type of media known to man in my career, over time I have gravitated toward web design. I love web design because it allows me to use both sides of my brain. I’ve always been somewhat creative, but while designing branding elements or print design, I always missed higher-level and technical thinking. And building websites provides that missing link. I love problem-solving, and doing that in combination with design feels like my super power.

WordPress is the ideal tool for me because while I have learned some code along the way (html, css, and a tiny bit of php), I am designer first and fore-most. And WordPress themes allow me to design websites exactly as I envision them – from wireframes or mockups to the final product. I began using WordPress in 2013, took some courses and then dove in head-first, creating sites for myself and then for clients. I have now become a go-to WordPress expert for dozens of clients.

Divi, a WordPress website builder built by Elegant Themes, is the perfect tool for designers like me. It takes care of most of the heavy-lifting (coding) and I can focus on designing (while still altering code and adding tools when I need to). And it’s extraordinarily light-weight compared to other page-builders (see my 99% GT Metrix score on my test site built with Divi).

And then ultimately I still end up doing a lot of technical work around updating and managing WordPress and its plugins, optimizing media, reducing page load times, setting up e-commerce solutions, importing and exporting content, making sites more secure, managing backups, altering DNS settings, setting up SEO tools, etc. I have also created wireframes and mockups, and worked with development teams for more complex sites.

I have been using Divi for 7 years and I stopped using other WordPress themes when I found it. I am such a fan that I was the co-host of the San Diego Divi Meetup group. And I designed and built this site (along with every client site you see on here) with it.

If you’d like to get an estimate on your website design project or discuss how I can help, I’d love to hear from you!

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