Astrology Hub Inner Circle Page Design

I’m a big believer of using ALL of the tools we have at our disposal, and astrology is one that feels particularly magical to me. And I was fortunate enough to get connected to Astrology Hub to help them with some design work.

Astrology Hub dives DEEP into the world of how the movements and relative positions of celestial objects affect us all. They do this through some incredible events (along with courses, podcasts, a blog and MUCH more). Their biggest event of the year is the Inner Circle and I had the pleasure of working with their team to design the landing page (along with the thank you page and a few opt-ins) for the event.

Their team is wonderful to work with (a dream team, really) as they set out brand standards ahead of time with some amazing imagery to use. So it became easy to make gorgeous looking landing pages for them. This is the final product (the event has concluded so I had to move the site):

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