Designing from Home – When You Need To

Well, I’ve written about how to work and design remotely. But I never imagined about writing a post about writing from home, when you need to. And right now…most of us need to. So we are making do, at Soul & Heart Creative. We have a new 19-month-old coworker who requires a good amount of supervision and says no to all of my ideas. But he also happens to be incredibly cute, and laughs at all my jokes, so we are managing.

But when we cleaned out of the office the other day, it was the end of an era. The irony is that we were leaving our office to go back to a co-working space, primarily because we missed the camaraderie, the connections, the networking, the coffee and tea sharing, etc. We were too isolated in that office and couldn’t wait to be around more people! So we put in our notice. And then a few weeks later, as we were touring co-working spaces, a pandemic broke out. So…now we work from home. For now. For what may seem like years. Hopefully just for a few months. But who knows.

And all we can do is sink in to our new situation. And learn from our new co-worker. And be productive during his naps. And eat more snacks. And occasionally hiding in the closet (ok I haven’t actually tried that yet but it has crossed my mind).

I have no tips yet, other than to lower expectations of productivity. I know those who do not have kids who are being uber-productive and I’m happy for them. They are taking online classes and doing yoga at home and binge-watching their favorite shows. That is not my experience. We are cooking and cleaning and running around, chasing a toddler making sure he does not break every bone in his body.

But we are still working! And getting new clients. And designing websites. Perhaps a bit slower than before. But with no less attention to design and detail. And with a little extra love from our new coworker.

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